Call Center Resume

The call center industry has been flourishing for years now as people have continued to become more and more dependent on the internet. To be more specific, people have relied on call centers for a large part of their business operations. For instance, companies have utilized call centers for a centralized sales, customer service and support functions for either or both inbound and outbound clients.

As a natural consequence of the increasing number of call centers, more employment has been opened to people. Still, the number of jobs available is not enough to cater thousands, probably millions of people worldwide, who are vying for the position of a call center agent. Hence, there is a need for people to prepare a very effective call center resume in order for them to get a slot.

Before anything else, it is worth mentioning that the primary goal of coming up with the best call center agent resume is not directed towards immediately getting the job; rather, it is actually more inclined to having an initial interview scheduled with the Human Resources Department (HRD), which is the first step in the hiring process.

Briefly, in order for one’s call center resume to make it to the HRD Head’s desk instead of heading straight to the archives or the trash bin even, the resume for call center agents must appear to be neatly formatted and readable with zero typographical, spelling and grammatical errors. In substance, it must be brief and concise yet comprehensive of all of the applicant’s qualifications and credentials, work experience and educational background. Outlined in the subsequent paragraphs are more helpful tips for writing the best resumes for a call center.

Firstly, it is suggested that after jotting down the applicant’s contact information, a call center resume must start with a career objective. Here, the applicant lists down why he is best suited for the job, vis-à-vis the company’s Vision, Mission and Goal. It must be noted that call centers generally look for agents who have great English communication skills, friendly voice, flexible working time and some experience with sales and customer support.

Second, a call center resume must contain a list of all relevant work experience, preferably starting with the most recent employment, with a mention of the company’s name, work tenure and job description.

Third, a call center resume should also note the applicant’s academic background, starting with the highest educational attainment. This should mention the names of schools attended, year/s graduated and degrees earned.

Fourth, a call center resume ought to mention relevant trainings completed. In relation to this, the applicant should also note his pertinent call center skills. Among others, it would help for one’s call center resume to get on the A-list if he can show that: he can do multi tasking, particularly talking to the phone while typing at the same time; he is familiar with pertinent computer programs and software; he knows foreign languages; he is adept at problem-solving and decision-making; he is a good listener with great interpersonal relations; and he can meet quotas and goals. In addition, mentioning some awards achieved and contributions made in previous companies would also help.

Lastly, an applicant must be careful only to fill his call center resume with important details that are relevant to the position he is applying for. He must avoid needless formatting styles. Rather, he should just stick with using standard fonts and margins that would make the call center supervisor resume readable and pleasant to look at.